The adventure begins


A new game experience never seen before in a pinball, only 30 machines will be manufactured

Transparent subway

Send the ball to the "Gulf Stream", the ball go into the subway and then you will see it through the transparent insert


The pinball is designed for durability. All ramps, wireforms and guides are made of stainless steel

Common parts

Flippers, coils, switches, bumpers, ... are standard and can be found at any spare parts shop

QPC System

A new simple and effective control system, designed with current electronic components, giving the player and immediate response over the pinball


The playfield and the cabinet are standard size

Open source

The source code will be availabre, with which you can make the changes you want: rules, scores, music, fx, ... Do you dare?

New experience

Never before has been so easy to see everything that happens while you play with the 9.7" LCD perfectly integrated into the playfield


Set up the wifi connection and you will be able to upload your high scores to Internet, download new updates or new rules

Led lighting

New LED lighting, which provides greater spectacularity, durability and a lower consumption