The history

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In summer 2009 I decided to make my own pinball. This is something that everybody who enters in this world think about, although once you see all the work involved, the reasonableness comes and then you think about buying it to restore it. In my case the reasonableness passed by and this project became a challenge which required knowledges of different areas for what I had to learn many things along the way.

The aim was to make a pinball which I could enjoy, made by me and for me. What do I like in a pinball? I like that the playfield has a simple and classic design with two flippers, a lot of metal ramps, loopings, wireforms and that I can see the animations and the text at the same time I play.

It was then when I thought that a 10" LCD fit perfectly in the middle of the playfield and it could be used as a big insert. I also could take advantage of the screen to give instructions about the rules of the game, score, making you able to see the screen at all times without looking up from the playfield and losing the sight of the ball. It is really useful when you do not know the rules or for new players who do not know that a pinball game has rules, targets, ... and they could lose their interest if someone does not explain to them that a pinball is not only to bang the buttons.

Moreover I was born in the videogames generation and I wanted to combine both worlds, but without being invasive. So I have added to the pinball some mini-games with a high difficulty and with the possibility of losing the ball to keep the intensity of the game.

Antonio Ortuño